The Art of Casino Tipping

Many people who are preparing for their first casino trip and have run practice hands on their kitchen table don't feel that they are ready to hit the gaming tables until they have familiarized themselves with the social custom of casino tipping. A tip is a form of gratuity to certain service sector workers as a reward for their prompt, courteous and efficient service. The size and the manner by which these payments are given vary by service industry. In a casino, it is usually the practice to tip lowly paid dealers, as a consideration for their prompt and courteous services at the gaming table.

Casino players are not obliged to tip especially when they are losing. However, when they are winning, this gratuity is in good form and will boost morale at the gaming table. Tipping the dealer in this case may be done by simply pushing the chip on the layout toward the casino dealer and telling him that it is for him. However, in blackjack, the tip is made in the form of a bet placed for the casino dealer. Place about a fifth of your bet in front of your betting box every once in a while when you are on a winning streak. If you win, the dealer gets the winnings as his tip and when you lose, the casino gets the money - fair enough. Refrain from frequent and uncalled for tipping because it is in bad taste and would do little to influence your winning destiny.

Placing a bet for casino dealers as a tip is also popular among craps players. Often times, they ask the dealer to place a pass line bet for the boys which gives the dealers the best chance to win. At other times, the player may just place a bet on one of the hard ways telling the dealer that it goes both ways, which simply means that half of the amount of the bet is placed by the player for himself and the other half is for the casino dealer. Tipping is not so common in roulette where dealers are given a tip after a 35-1 single number payoff. Remember that dealers are not allowed by the casino to take chips from a player's hand, so place the chip on the table and inform the dealer that it is a tip.

Tipping in video poker and slots are customarily given when the player hits the pot. It is reasonable to give a one percent tip to the casino change person when the hand-paid winnings are promptly and courteously delivered. A token tip is also in order when you ask an attendant to hold your slot machine for you while you run to the bathroom or to the casino cage cashier. Are you now ready to place your bets on the table?

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