The Effects of Gambling Addiction on College Students

Gambling events are observed to be gaining popularity and attraction at the present time. Many people believe that gambling is just associated with adults or those who are of legal age. However, the advancements and changes in most communities such as the launch of the Internet, led to the increasing number of adolescents and college students who are attracted to gambling.

Some religious groups oppose the legalization of gambling establishments and gambling events in different countries. These institutions believe that the legalization of gambling might increase the number of people addicted to gambling. They also argue that gambling may have negative effects on communities.

Compulsive gambling is one of the effects of excessive gambling on gamblers. This is known to be a psychological condition wherein a person failed to control one's urge to place bets or participate in gambling even if they know that gambling addiction may cause them further financial problems. Hence, medical experts encourage people who suffer from this condition to seek help from counselors as well as psychiatrists.

As mentioned, the launch of the Internet enhanced the accessibility of teenagers and college students to gambling. The improved accessibility led to the existence of compulsive gambling disorder among college students. There are researches which showed that among 20 college students, one of them is diagnosed to be suffering from the mental disorder. In this regard, the development of online gambling is considered one of the elements contributing to increased gambling addiction among the cohort.

Due to the development and prevalence of online gambling, college students can now access gambling games through the Internet with the hassle and expense of visiting casinos. In this regard, some studies found that most students who engage in online gambling lose all their allowances as well as savings because of their addiction to gambling. There are statistics supporting this argument which found that at the present time, 5 percent of college students are categorized as compulsive gamblers.

Social analysts fear that the addiction of some college students to gambling can cause further problems including fraud and illegal drug trafficking. Because of the current trend, it will be helpful if public authorities participate in campaigns and develop laws that would prevent college students from being victims of compulsive gambling.

In addition, families play a significant role in preventing the existence of gambling addiction among college students. It is important that parents monitor the activities and whereabouts of their children. Preventing college students from being gambling addicts may save them from further troubles and lead them to a path where a brighter future awaits them.

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